A dental checkup will always be important for many reasons; maintaining good oral health, identifying any oral diseases, tooth decay and, so forth.

However, a dental clinic is also able to conduct other services such as braces, wisdom tooth emergencies, never treatment and dentures. Simply speaking, there will always come a time where it is necessary to visit a dentist.

For those residing in the West region, you can look towards these 5 dentists in Bukit Panjang for a simple dental checkup or any other dental services you seek.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Advanced Dental Clinic

Source: Advanced Dental Clinic

With Advanced Dental Clinic, you can expect to receive dental treatment that separates them from other dental clinics. They strongly believe that no two sets of teeth are similar and devote themselves to providing personalised care to each and every one of their patients – as according to their special needs and aspirations. Advanced Dental Clinic also shows commitment through their ability to specialise in various dental practices – such as general dentistry, teeth replacement, dental pain management, aesthetic dentistry, orthodontics, oral surgery, dental sleep medicine and children’s dentistry. With their wide range of dental services available, they aim to fulfil any dental requirements patients may have.

Generally, when it comes to prices-wise, their services have also been made pretty affordable or otherwise – several applicable schemes such as CHAS and Medisave will help to ease the financial burden. Even corporate partnerships help to cover some fees for employees. With Advanced Dental Clinic, you’re getting excellent care, attention and treatment from their reliable group of dentists. Be sure to visit them if you’re looking for a dentist right in Bukit Panjang!

Website: https://www.advanceddental.com.sg
Contact Number: +65 6766 2663
Address: Bukit Panjang New Town, Blk 258, Bukit Panjang Ring Road, #01-60, Singapore 670258
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-9PM | Sat 9AM-5PM | Closed on Sun

2. Smileworks

Source: Smileworks

Always having a hard time finding dental clinics that are located in a secluded area? Or is there no nearby public transport to make your way there easily? Well, these problems will no longer have to be a cause for concern as Smileworks sits conveniently inside of Fajar Shopping Centre! While it’s location is definitely appealing to many within Bukit Panjang, or West region – it’s services and expertise are amazing to boot! Their motto is ‘Where Every Smile Is Special’ – and to expand on this – they treat every patient’s teeth differently and provide a solution or care to help achieve a happy and healthy set of teeth. Smileworks also makes an effort to understand patients’ needs and bond with them, so they are always comfortable whenever they’re undergoing dental treatment.

Smileworks has an assigned dentist for every dental practice, so they’re able to perform to their best ability – at the same time, ensuring patients get the best possible treatment. You’ll be able to find several dental services such as braces, dental implants, crowns, bridges, gum disease to even wisdom tooth surgery. With Smileworks, you’ll be attended to by caring dentists to achieve the desired smile of your dreams!

Website: https://smileworks.com.sg
Contact Number: +65 6762 2955
Address: Fajar Shopping Centre, 445 Fajar Road, #02-522, Singapore 670445
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-1PM, 2PM-5PM, 6PM-9PM | Sat 9AM-1PM, 2PM-5PM | Sun 9AM-1PM, 2PM-5PM | Closed on PH

3. Q & M Dental Group

Source: Q & M Dental Group

20 years of quality dental experience, a wide range of dental services and a team of experienced dental professionals? Q & M Dental Group is the trusted dental clinic nestled right in Bukit Panjang (along its other 70 branches) ready to assist you with any oral-related problems! Their staff have all received comprehensive and certified training under local or international institutions, gaining them the expertise required to treat dental patients. Besides the reliable care from their staff – Q & M Dental Group is also well-versed in modern dental technology and facilities to bring forward the best possible dental treatment.

They offer a number of dental services ranging from general dental treatment, braces, crowns and bridges, implants to gum diseases. Q & M Dental Group even targets specific groups like children and expectant to ensure they receive the necessary attention and care during the treatment. Even if you’re not a resident in Bukit Panjang, it’s not far away from Bangkit LRT station. So hop on if you’ve been looking for a dentist in Bukit Panjang!

Website: https://www.qandm.com.sg/Q&M-Dental-Group-Singapore-Home
Contact Number: +65 6766 3363
Address: 257 Bangkit Road, Singapore 670257
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-9PM | Sat & Sun 9AM-5PM

4. Raffles Dental

Source: Raffles Dental

Raffles Dental is made up of a team of general dental surgeons and dental specialists from the notable Raffles Hospital. They believe that giving patients the highest standard of professional care and service is key to excellent oral health and a satisfied patient, hence their vision ‘Your Trusted Partner for Health’. Raffles Dental also stays true to this vision by incorporating the latest advances in dental technology and science, so they can prevent, identify and treat all kinds of dental and oral diseases. Additionally, they combine quality with affordability by providing heavily or fully subsidised dental treatments covered by either CHAS or Medisave. This even includes surgical expenses that make up a hefty sum for many.

Raffles Dental is a part of the Mayo Clinic Care Network – comprising thousands of physicians who come together to constantly provide a better, and improved health care to the masses. As such, Raffles Dental’s dental staff are all well-trained with the best medical expertise from the United States. So, if you would like to make an appointment with Raffles Dental you can easily make your way to Hillion Mall – they’re found right inside it!

Website: https://www.rafflesmedicalgroup.com/dental
Contact Number: +65 6311 2360
Address: Hillion Mall, 17 Petir Road, #02-08, Singapore 678278
Operating Hours: Mon & Fri 8.30AM-1PM, 2-5.30PM | Wed 2PM-5.30PM, 6.30PM-9.30PM | Closed on Tue, Thurs, Sat & Sun

5. Dental Focus

Source: Dental Focus

The latest technology, affordable dental treatments, convenient accessibility – they’ve got all these factors checked out in Dental Focus. They primarily provide dental treatment for three dental practices – oral hygiene and preventive dentistry, restorative and aesthetic dentistry and, pain management. Under these categories, services such as wisdom tooth extraction, gum treatment, aligners and braces, teeth whitening and, root canal treatment can be found. Dental Focus aims to provide dental services to both residents and non-residents in Singapore through their network of clinics – one of them right in Junction 10! In other words, those residing in Bukit Panjang can easily access the dental clinic in no time.

Moreover, what makes Dental Focus special is how they help patients through their website – specifically speaking, their blog! It’s packed with all kinds of information and knowledge to educate readers before they decide on a particular dental treatment. If not, they can always consult with one of the dentists from Dental Focus for a direct answer as well. Look towards the services from Dental Focus if you’re ever in need of dental treatment! They’ll help take care of your teeth and advise you at the same time.

Website: https://www.dentalfocus.com.sg
Contact Number: +65 6747 0573 | +65 6747 0629 | +65 6747 0652
Address: 1 Woodlands Road, #01-05/06, Singapore 677899
Operating Hours: 9AM-10PM Daily