Whether it’s the minimum requirement of two visits to the dentist or a monthly checkup, the bottom line is – a regular dental checkup is necessary.

Poor oral health can be a huge contributing factor to other major diseases like pneumonia, cardiovascular disease and even pregnancy and birth complications for the ladies. While taking care of your oral health such as the bare minimum of brushing at least two times a day – other habits like smoking, consumption of certain food like candy and medication can still lead to these problems.

When it all comes down to it; only a dentist can step in to identify the issue and solve it. Those who have been looking for a dental clinic within the West region can now jump for joy with these five closeby suggestions. Here are five dentists at Bukit Batok you can start checking your oral health with!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Q & M Dental Group

Source: Q & M Dental Group

When you’re at Q & M Dental Group – you can rest assured as you’ll be well-taken care of by a team of highly trained and experienced professionals! Regardless of the dentist’s level of professional career, they’re at – they’ll always be accompanied by the most recent dental technology and equipment. There are even dummy heads, dental microscopes and live-streaming (only to training dentists) in their training rooms, so they’re always well-prepared to serve patients.

Their reliability and professionalism aren’t the only things worth looking forward to at their clinic – their services are just as excellent! From aesthetic dentistry, children dentistry to even treating a pregnant woman; they are an expert in just about any kind of dental practice out there to accommodate the patients in the Bukit Batok community and the rest of Singapore. Come down for a dental checkup to take a look at your oral health and understand what dental service you require with Q & M Dental Group!

Website: https://www.qandm.com.sg
Contact Number: +65 6665 4233 | +65 6569 3239
Address: 151 Bukit Batok Street 11, #01-252, Singapore 650151 | 634 Bukit Batok Central, #01-112, Singapore 650634
Operating Hours: Differ for each location

2. Advanced Dental

Source: Advanced Dental

Are you constantly dealing with sensitive teeth and having a hard time biting into your favourite ice cream? Or are you unsure if your bleeding gums are a symptom of potential gum disease? Whatever oral-related issue you’re concerned about – Advanced Dental is here to guide you and address any of these issues. They’re a dental clinic that is passionate in what they do, and they’ve even striving to be the leading oral healthcare provider throughout Asia.

At Advanced Dental, you can pick from a wide selection of services starting with root canal treatment, teeth whitening, implants, fillings to even dental sleep medicine for those having trouble sleeping due to teeth structure and so forth! Payment is also not a cause for concern at their clinic, various schemes like CHAS Accredited, Pioneer Generation (PG) Accredited and Medisave Accredited to help patients. Visit Advanced Dental for a dental appointment and check on your oral health!

Website: http://www.advanceddental.com.sg
Contact Number: +65 6565 3233
Address: 153 Bukit Batok Street 11, #01-288, Singapore 650153
Operating Hours: Mon-Thurs 9AM-9PM | Fri 9AM-1PM | Sat 9AM-5PM | Closed on Sun

3. EpiSmile Dental Group Clinic

Source: EpiSmile Dental Group Clinic

EpiSmile Dental Group Clinic is a family-friendly clinic that designed their dental clinic with every family member in mind; be it a young child or parent. As such, they have the ability to provide oral health care for patients of any age. Moreover, every one of EpiSmile’s orthodontist has acquired a minimum of 10 years of clinical expertise and have been actively participating in the enhancement and restoration of patients’ teeth. While EpiSmile Dental Group Clinic may be well-known for specialising in aesthetics dentistry – providing the innovative yet aesthetically-pleasing Invisalign®braces to both adults and children – their remaining dental services are equally exceptional.

Standard general dental care includes extraction, dentures, veneers, bonding while specialised dental care (other than Invisalign® and braces) comprises implant and wisdom tooth surgery. With that being said, EpiSmile Dental Group Clinic is a professional dental clinic you can visit for your dental checkup or any other specialised dental service!

Website: https://www.epismile.com.sg
Contact Number: +65 6665 9300
Address: 275 Bukit Batok East Ave 4, # 01-130, Singapore 650275
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-9PM | Sat & Sun 9AM-5PM

4. Universe Dental

Source: Universe Dental

Universe Dental devotes themselves to providing ultimate patient care; both monetary and fear-wise! The dental clinic aims to offer quality yet low-cost dental services to the general community with their competitive prices. Especially when it comes to lower-income patients, they want to ensure they receive heavily or fully subsidised dental treatment so they can get a healthy set of teeth without worrying about finances!

Their thoughtfulness is also seen clearly across their dental treatments; dentists and staff will always carefully explain all dental procedures and services before proceeding with treatment. It’s to make sure patients with a fear of phobia in regards to dental are calmed down and no longer afraid! If you’re looking for a caring yet exceptional dentist in Bukit Batok; there’s plenty of them in Universe Dental. Schedule an appointment with them to check on your oral health!

Website: https://universedental.com.sg
Contact Number: +65 6566 4656 | +65 6252 5147
Address: 164 Bukit Batok Street 11, #01-144, Singapore 650164 | 440 Bukit Batok West Avenue 8, #01-04, Singapore 650440
Operating Hours: Mon, Wed & Fri 9AM-12.30PM, 1.30PM-4.30PM, 6PM-8.30PM | Tue & Thurs 9AM-12.30PM, 1.30PM-4.30PM | Sat & Sun 9AM-12.30PM

5. Royce Dental Surgery

Source: Royce Dental Surgery

Well-established for their insurance partnerships with AIA, MHC and corporate partnerships with Republic Polytechnic, Volkswagen, SAFRA – Royce Dental Surgery is a reliable dental treatment provider you can rely on. While providing excellent treatment, they also ensure that patients’ needs and satisfaction are well met, so they receive a quality yet comfortable treatment. Moreover, the team of staff – making up of dental nurses and doctors are always training and learning new things to better improve themselves for patients!

Meanwhile, you can look towards their dental services such as crowns and bridges, scaling and polishing, dental fillings to advanced treatments like root canal therapy and wisdom teeth surgery. Now, are you interested in popping by their dental clinic? Easily make an appointment via their website or even address any questions through their WhatsApp enquiry!

Website: https://www.roycedental.com.sg
Contact Number: +65 69096134
Address: 153 Bukit Batok Street 11, #01-284, Singapore 650153
Operating Hours: Mon & Wed 9AM-9PM | Tues 9AM-6PM | Sat 9AM-1PM | Closed on Thurs-Fri & Sun