5 Top-Quality Dentists In Bishan To Keep Teeth Bright & Clean

Dentist In Bishan

A smile goes a long way in maintaining a good interaction and impression. Generally, a smile reflects friendliness, confidence and brings about positive impression. Therefore, maintaining and keeping your set of teeth white and beautiful is crucial. In addition to outer beauty, a set of clean and white teeth also indicates good oral health, which in turn is evident of your overall health condition and personal hygiene.

Keep your teeth shiny and clean with these 5 Bishan dentists today!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. The Dental Studio

Source: The Dental Studio

Since its establishment in 2007, The Dental Studio has been brightening smiles. Striving to give and maintain patients’ beautiful smile, The Dental Studio gathered a group of skilled dental professionals with profound experiences to aid you in dental care services.

Some of the various services The Dental Studio offer are general dentistry, specialist dentistry, implant dentistry, restorative dentistry and many others.

At The Dental Studio, they focus on providing patients with the best services, and thus, keeps itself updated with only high-quality materials, with advanced technology. This is aimed to allow patients to feel at ease and comfort. The Dental Studio understands that dental phobia may be an issue to some patients, with that, they offer painless dentistry which comprises of painless treatments such as inhalational sedation, injections without syringes and IV sedation. The Dental Studio’s adept dentists will recommend the best painless option suitable for you. Be assured that you are in the best and safe hands at The Dental Studio.

Website: https://dentalstudio.sg
Contact Number: +65 6262 0936
Address: 116, Bishan Street 12, #02-28, Singapore 570116
Operating Hours: Mon, Wed & Thurs 9AM-1PM, 2PM-6PM | Tues 10AM-1PM, 2PM-7PM | Fri 9AM-1PM, 2PM-6.30PM | Sat 9AM-1PM | Closed on Sun

2. Q & M Dental Group

Source: Q & M Dental Group

Q & M Dental Group (‘Q & M’) is founded in Singapore in November 1996. Over the years, Q & M grew to become Singapore’s largest private dental group. Today, it has over 70 dental clinics situated in different locations across Singapore. Q & M has a proficient and skilled team consisting of 200 and more qualified dentists, 40 of whom received comprehensive post-graduate training in Singapore or from different reputable training institutions overseas.

With the assistance of their up-to-date dental equipment and the acquiring of modern dental technologies, Q & M has the ability to provide patients with an extensive range of dental services. Some of their advanced facilities and technology used include dental laser, 3D Radiography and CAD CAM (Computer-Aided Design/ Computer-Aided Manufacturing).

Q & M has proved itself to be a reputable dental group in Singapore with its numerous achievements and awards. Some of the various awards Q & M received are Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands 2018 Platinum award, Forbes Asia’s “2017 Best Under A Billion” and eco-certification by Singapore Environment Council.

Website: https://qandm.com.sg
Contact Number: +65 6255 5228
Address: 502 Bishan Street 11, #01-350, Singapore 570502
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-9PM | Sat & Sun 9AM-6PM

3. Healthway Dental

Source: Healthway Dental

Healthway Dental ensures that their patients leave a good impression on others and make a difference, through a winning smile. Their experienced and proficient dental professionals are dedicated and possess adept skills in assisting you with their variety of services. This includes teeth whitening, braces treatment, dental implants, gum treatment and many more.

Healthway Dental clinics are well equipped with the latest facilities and uses advanced technology to achieve the most favourable results for patients. At Healthway Dental, their top priority is the comfort and safety of their patients, they want to ensure the best for them. With this, they apply and carry out strict and careful measures such as the practice of firm infection control, making sure that all non-disposable tools are completely autoclaved, disposable items thrown away and not re-used, and many other significant practices. Patients can have a peace of mind and entrust Healthway Dental with their dental health.

Website: http://www.healthwaydentalgroup.com
Contact Number: +65 6453 8446
Address: 283 Bishan Street 22, Singapore 570283
Operating Hours: Mon, Wed & Fri 8.30AM-11.30AM, 2PM-4.30PM | Tue & Thurs 8.30AM-11.30AM, 2PM-4.30PM, 6.30PM-8.30PM | Sat & Sun 8.30AM-12PM

4. Unity Denticare

Source: Unity Denticare

As one of Singapore’s leading dental clinic, Unity Denticare believes strongly in putting the most beautiful smile on their patients, enhancing their confidence and positive emotions. Unity Denticare is founded in Singapore in August 1971, and over the years expanded to over 18 clinics island-wide. They strive to be patients’ choice in terms of oral health and wellness, providing only high-quality services for them. In order to do so, Unity Denticare go the extra mile to fully understand your needs and requirements. The high-quality materials, up-to-date technology, together with a team of skilled and efficient dentists gather to provide the utmost comfort and experience for patients. The services Unity Denticare offer are general and preventive dentistry, aesthetic dentistry and restorative dentistry.

At Unity Denticare, patients will be assisted to develop a distinctive plan to reach the goal of retaining their healthy and beautiful teeth. 

Website: https://unitydenticare.com
Contact Number: +65 6590 4396
Address: 510 Bishan Street 13, #01-08, Singapore 570510
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6.30PM | Sat 9AM-1PM | Closed on Sun

5. Royce Dental Surgery

Source: Royce Dental Surgery

At Royce Dental Surgery, they offer a wide variety of dental services from general dentistry to professional treatments, in a warm and pleasant environment. The wide range of services available at Royce Dental Surgery include wisdom teeth surgery, crowns and bridges, root canal therapy, dental implants and many others.

Aspiring to become Singapore’s proficient one-stop dental care clinic, Royce Dental Surgery strives to give patients the ultimate satisfaction and comfort they deserve. To achieve their mission, Royal Dental Surgery’s dedicated and efficient team of dental professionals work hard to improve on their skills frequently and keep themselves upgraded regularly. Royce Dental Surgery’s team of adept practitioners possess the necessary expertise from years of service in both the private and public healthcare sector. With Royce Dental Surgery team’s proficiency in dental care, you can be assured to receive the finest dental care services.

Website: http://www.roycedental.com.sg
Contact Number: +65 9118 0152
Address: 501 Bishan Street 11, #01-372, Singapore 570501
Operating Hours: Mon-Sat 9AM-6PM | Closed on Sun