You shouldn’t just go to the dentist only when you have a toothache! The recommended visit to the dentist is every 6 months! Even if you take great care of your teeth at home, some things might only be seen by the dentist.

You may ask on why are teeth so important and that’s because teeth are a huge indication on the state of your health as well as affect your health! Of course, the first thing you feel when you have good teeth is the self-confidence and it improves the quality of life. Having bad teeth isn’t just about the smile; it affects your diet, health and overall wellbeing. Loss of teeth can affect the way you eat, talk and can pose some serious issues in the neck and head.

It’s never too late to get a dental check! Check out our top 5 dental clinics in Bedok right here!

1. Greenlife Dental Clinic

Source: Greenlife Dental Clinic

Acknowledging that the success of their clinics was strictly by word of mouth and being recommended and praised from family to family, it’s not hard to see why this clinic is loved well! Building trust with their loyal patients over the past 20 years isn’t easy but they have done it!

During dental appointments, knowing that knowledge needs to be passed down, the doctors are stringent on letting their patients learn about oral health and maintenance, letting them know that the idea of prevention is way more important than the cure that comes after. Treat your teeth with care for a brighter smile!

Contact Number: +65 6241 0123
Address: 210 New Upper Changi Road, #01-733, Singapore 460210
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-9PM | Sat-Sun 9AM-5PM

2. Advanced Dental Clinic

Source: Advanced Dental Clinic

Established in 1986 and with over 14 clinics island-wide, Advanced Dental Groups believe that just like how two persons aren’t identical, two sets of teeth aren’t never the same. They understand that each patient is unique and are committed to providing individualised care and love, catered to their needs.

Often cited as family-friendly, patient, caring and understanding, this dental clinic is also well-loved for their affordable prices and set packages for their dental needs. Stressed out by dentists? The doctors at Advanced Dental Group would make you feel like family and at ease, every step of the way!

Contact Number: +65 6449 0246
Address: Blk 56 New Upper Changi Road, #01-1294, Singapore 461056
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-9PM | Sat-Sun 9AM-5PM

3. Nuffield Dental

Source: Nuffield Dental

Offering basic dentistry and specialized dental work, Nuffield prides themselves on wisdom tooth removal work. Stringent on sterility and selection of technology used for the betterment of dentistry which they credit their high success rates for. To accommodate different treatment needs and plan, the team curates individualised solutions based on budgets and needs.

Receiving raving reviews on their wisdom tooth removal and dental implants from new and returning customers, Nuffield has certified themselves as one of the well-known dental clinics situated in the heartlands!

Contact Number: +65 6702 3238
Address: ​East Village, 430 Upper Changi Road #01-63, Singapore 487048
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-9PM | Sat-Sun 9AM-6PM

4. Alda Dental Surgery

Source: Alda Dental Surgery

From exhaustive services provided, child-friendly to polite staff, Alda Dental Surgery does it all. Two of their doctors are often praised for their attentiveness and ability to tackle any dental issue that’s presented to them.

Emphasizing the need for sterility, this clinic insists that most of their supplies are single-use only to prevent the risk of contamination and infection and equipment, instruments are sterilised using the latest technology. Young or old, teeth issues are present in all ages and Alda Dental Surgery welcomes all to give them a set of healthy pearly whites for life!

Contact Number: +65 6445 6038
Address: 158 Bedok South Ave 3, #01-589, Singapore 460158
Opening Hours: Mon, Wed, Thurs 9AM-5.30PM | Tues, Fri 9AM-8.30PM | Sat 9AM-1PM | Closed on Sun

5. Q&M Dental Group

Source: Q & M Dental Group

With 70 over locations and 20 years in the business, Q&M Dental Group is a household name for citizens in Singapore. Think dentist and Q&M come to mind! This is the reason why patients trust them for dental services and have been going to them, recommending to family and friends!

The reason why Q&M Dental Group is well-known in Singapore isn’t just due to their many clinics, it’s because the dentists in their group are highly skilled and experienced in the world of dentistry. To keep their dentists on their feet about the newest technology and practice, Q&M has formed the Q&M Dental Institute to train the dentists at various levels of their professional careers.

Contact Number: +65 6876 0533
Address: 214 Bedok North Street 1, #01-173, Singapore 460214
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-9PM | Sat 9AM-6PM | Closed on Sun