Singapore is on track to be a leading nation in innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship. The Government, in efforts to achieve so, has established the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG). At the core of this grant is the aim to assist and improve businesses through the implementation of technology solutions and equipment.

The PSG grant covers SMEs across various sectors by providing IT solutions for food, retail, and construction organisations. It will also provide solutions to assist processes and systems including inventory and financial management. Read on to find out which of the following digital marketing agencies might better fit the solutions you are looking for.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Impossible Marketing

Image Credit: Impossible Marketing

“By the locals. For the locals.” This is what Impossible Marketing prides itself on as a digital marketing agency. Being in the industry for close to a decade, Impossible Marketing provides various services which include Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM). With more than 500 positive reviews from their happy and successful clients, the agency was awarded the Local Hero Award for Independent Agency of the year in 2021, and Search Marketing Agency of the year in 2020. Adding on to their accolades is that Impossible Marketing is also a Google and Facebook partner.

Through the years of being in the industry, Impossible Marketing has helped many local businesses and large organisations achieve the impossible. Organisations and businesses like Maintech Engineering & Supplies Pte Ltd, Tily Tea, and EMA Global has seen a huge jump in their online presence and sales after acquiring the solutions that Impossible Marketing provide. The digital marketing agency also believes in giving back to the community, and have been actively contributing to their sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts. You know that this is a company that really gives their best in everything they do.

Customer Reviews

English Explorer

Since we’ve started working with Impossible Marketing in Q1 2019, the campaign has improved tremendously. As of Q2 2020, the number of conversions generated by the SEM campaign increased by 76%. With their meticulous approach and strategy, we are very happy with Impossible Marketing and the way our SEM campaigns have been optimised for better results.

YP Chee

We have been working with Impossible Marketing for a few years now with good results. They did an excellent job of closely monitoring our campaigns to ensure we stay on track. Since the campaign launched, we have also noticed an increase in site traffic and customer enquiries!

Contact: 6208 8111
14A Yan Kit Road (Level 2 & 3), Singapore 088266
Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri 9:30AM-6:30PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

2. Corsiva Lab

Image Credit: Corsiva Lab

Dedicated to providing excellent and unique digital solutions were the priority of the two entrepreneurs who started Corsiva Lab. The digital marketing agency specifically targets solutions for web design, digital marketing, and mobile applications development, by leveraging the newest web design methods and unique marketing trends. In their year of working in the industry, they have worked with more than 400 clients including L’Oreal, Kiehl’s, and Lancome Paris.

Corsiva Lab’s vast range of services includes digital marketing, strategic branding and marketing, copywriting, customised solution and corporate website design. As both the founders were entrepreneurs, they understood that starting a business can be tough, and they even have a startup package in which Corsiva Lab provides solutions and a platform to turn a dream into reality. It includes everything from consultation, to providing technological solutions, and even branding.

Customer Reviews

Samantha Yap

Had a great experience with this team. They will explain the system flow and whether the navigation process can work. They will also do their best to accommodate our website launch schedule, despite some slight delays. More importantly, despite how late at night you contact them, they will reply within a few hours or minutes. Thank you Corsiva Lab Team!

Yashwin Naidu

Nigel, Guo Hong and their team are an absolute pleasure to work with. They took my business idea and transform it into a work of art that’s way better than I envisioned it to be. These guys are not just web developers, they approach your vision and scrutinise it through a business lens and only implement whatever makes sense. I’m thoroughly grateful for finding a great web development agency to work with. Kudos to you both. Keep up the amazing work.

Location: 82 Playfair Road, #12-01, D,lithium, Singapore 368001

3. OOm

Image Credit: OOm

OOm is the longest-serving PSG pre-approved digital marketing agency on this list. With over 15 years in this industry, OOm has worked its way to being one of the best leading digital marketing agencies in Singapore. Using their 4 stages proven method; Awareness, Consideration, Conversion, and Loyalty, they have helped many clients achieve the best returns that OOm were engaged for. They provide various solutions which include Google marketing, social media marketing and content marketing.

OOm has offices too in several countries across the region such as China, The Philippines, and Hong Kong SAR. This allows the employees to develop a deeper and more diversified understanding of the digital marketing scene, which enables them to be in a better position to serve their clients. If you are looking for an agency that screams experience, then OOm is the one to consider.

Customer Reviews

Clean Care

Thank you guys for making sure we have less worries on our marketing. Being able to see our ranking improve in our SEO within 6 months. Most importantly, our conversation has been increasing since moving to OOm. Both Sebastian and Jay has been very proactive in responding to our needs and enquiries. Provides very good advice both on and off marketing. We would recommend OOm to anyone that requires good marketing!

Mandarin Self Storage

If you are looking for Google expertise, OOm is the agency to go. They have deep expertise in Google and provide factual authentic information in their recommendations. They are experts in lead generation focused campaigns.

6391 0930
Location: 141 Middle Road, GSM Building #06-05 and #05-04, Singapore 188976

4. Next Level Singapore

Image Credit: Next Level Singapore

Next Level Singapore targets business owners who wish to increase business sales, and individual professionals who want to shape their career paths. Besides the usual digital marketing services which include video marketing, social media marketing, and lead generation, Next Level Singapore specialises and are in fact leading expert in developing online chatbots, influencers advertising, and press releases advertising.

What makes them stand out from the rest of the digital marketing agencies on this list is that they conduct SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) Approved hands-on training courses on top of the marketing solutions they provide. If you are interested in digital marketing, online business, or business development, you can check their courses out. The courses are taught by industry leaders, and you will develop the necessary skills and knowledge to create your own strategies by the end of the course.

8376 5715
7500A Beach Road, The Plaza, #05-320, Singapore 199591


It is inevitable the digital space is always evolving, and that we will have to tag on this journey sooner or later. If you are worried and do not have the basic knowledge, there are always agencies out there that specialise in this field, and they are more than willing to help you. With this PSG Grant, it is even better as the Government is helping out. So, what are you waiting for?