Hire The Best Nanny In Tampines From These 7 Agencies

Best Nanny In Tampines

Taking care of small children is one of the biggest responsibilities parents have. However, it can be hard to juggle one’s time between working and raising kids. This is where hiring a nanny comes in handy. It’s one of the best options for busy parents who need to work full-time to provide for their children’s needs.

Hiring a nanny offers many benefits. For one, children get to stay at home and stick to their routines since you won’t need to take them to a childcare centre. This also means that you can be sure they’ll be in a safe and healthy environment at all times. A nanny can also take on additional duties like light household chores and grocery shopping. These can save you a lot of time and effort in the long run.

Below are five of the best agencies where you can hire a nanny in Tampines from.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Nanny Street

Image Credit: Nanny Street

Nanny Street is best known for being one of the best sources of nanny services in Tampines. The company specializes in confinement nanny services, which are essential for families who are expecting a new baby. With the help of a nanny, an expectant mother will be able to have more free time on her hands to make sure that her baby and herself are well taken care of. Nanny Street also suggests that pregnant women start looking for a nanny right after a gynaecologist confirms her pregnancy.

Nanny Street is the first confinement nanny marketplace, engaging freelance nanny features and acting as a placement agency. Hiring a nanny with this company is easy and takes only three steps to complete. Firstly, search for a nanny. Secondly, interview potential candidates. And lastly, pay the deposit. Nanny Street will be the one to handle all the paperwork at an affordable processing fee.

Customer Reviews

Elias Menon

We did our first pregnancy without a confinement nanny, and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. For our second pregnancy we went with NannyStreet after a number of recommendations and researching different agencies.

NannyStreet was able to find us a confinement nanny that could speak English and provide the support we needed, for our delivery timing. They were extremely easy to deal with, and arranged all the work permit issues and insurance on our behalf.

Regarding Nanny Ten (Swee Tai), we are truly blessed to have had her with us. She is such a calm and steady presence, and is amazing with our newborn. She is gentle yet firm and really helped us and supported us through the long nights and long days.

What’s more, her food was amazing! We were really spoilt and treated by her cooking during the confinement period, and missed her food immediately once she left!

Thank you Aunty Ten, and thank you NannyStreet!

 Colin Chan

Prompt service to get confinement nanny insurance. Requested quotation on Sunday, sent details by Whatapp, and insurance received on Monday . Worth the admin fee to safe time and hassle especially with a new baby around.

Website: https://www.nannystreet.com/contact-us/
Contact: +65 9392 3100
Location: Tampines Junction, 300 Tampines Avenue 5, #09-02, Singapore 529653
Opening Hours: 24 Hours

2. GM Connection

Image Credit: GM Connection

GM Connection is one of the most recommended nanny agencies in Singapore. It is also a reliable maid agency with years of experience finding clients with the most suitable helpers for their household needs. With GM Connection, employers can rest assured that all nannies are screened and profiled individually to determine their strengths and abilities to ensure that the agency is able to match them with the employers’ requirements.

GM Connection takes pride in being a professional maid agency. It makes sure that it understands its client’s needs and requirements so it can match the best candidates. The company has strong partnerships overseas to provide families in Singapore with the best maids or nannies from different regions to suit different preferences and needs. These include helpers from India, Indonesia, Myanmar, and the Philippines. It is committed to conducting its due diligence to ensure it satisfies its clients’ needs at all times.

Customer Reviews

Noelle Soh

Superb service! They are unlike other agencies who will give you any maids on hand and make you feel like they are hard selling. Pearlyn helped to filter through their list to find a suitable one for your need. This is the best agency I met so far after engaging helpers for many years.

Aster Foo

I’d like to share my very pleasant and positive experience with GM Connection.

I’ve engaged other maid agencies in the past and GM Connection has been the most impressive and best one by far. Pearlyn was been very responsive and very helpful throughout our course of finding a fdw.

The paperwork process was also a breeze – very smooth, organised and detailed. There was nothing that I was left in doubt with about.

Heartfelt thanks to Pearlyn and Glendon for making our maid hiring process well beyond expectations. I’d strongly recommend this agency!

Website: https://gmconnection.sg/
Contact: +65 6100 1987
Location: Peninsula Plaza, 111 North Bridge Road, #05-53, Singapore 179098

3. HelperGo

Image Credit: HelperGo

HelperGo is an award-winning company that won the Startup of the Year from Startup Grind in 2017. HelperGo was established in 2015 to give Singaporeans more freedom to improve their quality of life by providing them with the best nannies. Since its inception, the company has helped thousands of families here and in Hong Kong. Its app is a customer-driven service platform that connects over 1,000 helpers to many employers through social welfare organizations.

HelperGo can also provide clients with babysitters for families who need someone to take care of their children. It can also provide chefs or personal cooks that can cook food for small parties or gatherings, so hosts don’t need to worry about what to serve their guests. HelperGo also offers home cleaning, move-in/move-out cleaning, spring cleaning, renovation cleaning, and elderly care, as well as office cleaning.

Customer Reviews


Thank you for going your way to visit us. Thank you for the health coordinator, Angie who purposely make a trip down to our house with their in-house nurse, Siti to understand our mum situation. Because of this, I feel touch and warm for the services provided. My mum is happy with the nurse afterwards, do keep up the good job. Thumbs up for their services and support.

James Lim

We truly appreciate your profession, kindness and patience. Our ah ma is suffered from the stroke and unable to come down from the bed but because of your patient caregiver Susanne assisted and keep on motivated her to continue with the physiotherapy. Currently, she is able to sit down by her own and ah ma have become happier than before since we have engaged HelperGo. All in all, it is a service which I will highly recommend to others in the same situation.

Website: https://sg.helpergo.co/
Contact: +65 9426 8219
Location: Shenton House, 3 Shenton Way, #16-07, Singapore 068805
Opening Hours: 24 Hours

4. Kleepers

Image Credit: Kleepers

Kleepers is one of the best nanny services in Tampines. It has no agent fees and no hidden fees. The service scope of its nannies includes teaching kids about good daily habits, playing games, storytelling and singing songs, bathing the child, sterilizing child’s belongings, tidying up child’s room, washing child’s clothing, blanket, and bedsheets, feeding the child, taking the child to the doctor, and fetching the child to and from school or childcare.

If you want to hire a nanny from Kleepers, the first thing you need to do is use its online request form and fill it out with your details and requirements. You will then receive details of the potential candidates and arrange a meeting with you so you can interview them. Once you have chosen a nanny, you can proceed with a one-week trial to evaluate her performance. There is no minimum contract period, which means that you can choose to stop the service as long as you inform Kleepers one month in advance.

Customer Reviews


Was recommended by my friend to contact Kleepers. had Ms Mulan as my help & she did an amazing job. She is very sweet & pleasant lady, professional, efficient & on time (she actually reaches earlier). Ms Mulan is also very considerate, has alot of initiative, an observer – my baby was going to sleep while she’s cleaning halfway, she ensures that no noise was made (during the cleaning & changing/refilling of water during that time) to wake baby up. Also noticed that part of my windows couldn’t be cleaned up properly, informed me & wanted to re-clean up the windows. Ms Mulan also went the extra mile to clean areas that I did not request her to.

Administrative wise for Kleepers, it was a breeze, customer service was good & prompt. It is my first time engaging part time help & Kleepers left a very gd impression on me. I feel that Kleepers set the perfect example of how a cleaning company should be like. I would definitely recommend Kleepers. 🙂

Jasmine Khoo

We made a great choice in engaging Kleepers! Tin tin was really professional and hardworking. Not only did she do her cleaning job well, she was also very friendly to my 6month old baby and thoughtful in her choice of cleaning agents for the baby room. We highly recommend Kleepers!

Website: https://nanny.kleepers.com/
Contact: +65 8122 8113
Location: International Plaza, 10 Anson Road, #27-15, Singapore 079903
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM

5. Help Is Here

Image Credit: Help Is Here

Help Is Here is your best option if you’re looking for a specialized and experienced caregiver to take care of your loved ones. The company can help you find the perfect nanny. It has been providing skilled foreign domestic helps to Singaporeans for many years now. It provides highly qualified and well-trained domestic helpers to support parents who just had a baby. It can also assist families with elderly members, especially those with special conditions. It has trustworthy helpers who have undergone formal training to ensure top-quality care.

Help Is Here has nannies that have been professionally screened and filtered by its in-house recruiters to ensure high quality and standards. It picks helpers with at least four years of experience. They are also sent to training classes to enhance their skills, especially confinement nannies. Caregivers who tend to seniors in the family are also professionally trained to ensure they are able to properly care for your elderly.

Customer Reviews

Wei Hao

Sukari has been an exceptional great help to our family. She takes good care of me and my newborn. Has high standards of hygiene and cooks extremely well.


Well trained as to how to handle people with Alzheimer’s. My ah gong’s helper is patient and encouraging and values the patient’s self-esteem. Grateful to have her care for my grandfather.

Website: https://hih.com.sg/
Contact: +65 8922 2123 | +65 8891 1922
Location: Vertex Tower A, 33 Ubi Avenue 3, #08-49, Singapore 408868
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 10AM-7PM

6. NannySOS

Image Credit: NannySOS

NannySOS is one of the most trusted confinement nanny agencies in Tampines. The company was established in 2011 and registered and approved by the Ministry of Manpower to assist those applying for a confinement nanny work permit. This agency’s goal is to help mothers fully recover after giving birth and in taking care of their babies. Families can hire a full-time or day-time confinement nanny with NannySOS.

NannySOS has a team of 100 experienced confinement nannies and babysitters that knows what to do at the right time and effectively. All its nannies have been professionally trained with at least three years of experience. The oldest nanny it has is already in her 60s but is will very capable of working and providing postnatal confinement services. NannySOS’s nannies can provide baby massage, confinement food, prenatal swimming classes, prenatal massage, prenatal yoga, babysitting, baby swimming lessons, and postnatal massage.

Customer Reviews

Simon & Li Teng

Thank you Auntie Wendy for your attentive care during my confinement period. Have read the comments in forums and decided to find MOM-licensed agency to save the hassles. First time engage confinement agency and thank you for your help to apply work permit for confinement nanny. Lucky to meet you! Very thoughtful of you, always plan everything ahead for me, making everything to be so smooth and easy. =)


I should have engaged NannySOS in the very beginning! My original freelance confinement nanny is unable to come when i need her! I would advise all parents to go through agency if possible. At least they are responsible for replacement or ensure a nanny will be there. To be frank, I was so worried NannySOS would any how find me a confinement nanny but it turns out better than i expected. Not only nanny Anne takes good care of my baby, she is patient, accommodating, cook well and gives great advice to us. Thank you for recommending such a good nanny for my first baby!

Website: https://www.nannysos.com.sg/
Contact: +65 6817 2479
Location: 750 Chai Chee Road, #01-07A, Singapore 469000
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 9AM-7PM

7. TSM Maid & Confinement Nanny Agency

Image Credit: TSM Maid & Confinement Nanny Agency

If you’re looking for the best nanny in Tampines, TSM Maid & Confinement Nanny Agency should be one of your options. The company is licensed and approved by the Singapore Ministry of Manpower. Its confinement nannies are experienced and reliable in assisting mothers and their families after childbirth. Its foreign domestic workers are from Indonesia, Myanmar, and the Philippines and are fully trained and experienced in infant and elderly care.

TSM Maid & Confinement Nanny Agency also offers a 28-day confinement herbal package, which includes clearing urine of blood clots, replenishing energy, nourishing kidneys, enhancing strength, promoting breastmilk, weight loss, and boosting the mother’s physique. It also includes red dates tea and bathing herbs to help with post-partum issues, improve blood circulation, expel wind, and reduce birth pain.

Customer Reviews

Mr. Kenji

Nanny Sau Chin was a great help to us during the confinement period. We had a wonderful 28 days engagement with her. Her experience in taking care of baby is great and she ensures that baby needs are well taken care of during our absence. Her meals of good standard and taste very homely. Truly will miss her cooking.

We will recommend TSM agency to future parents as they have provided a dedicated one stop nanny service to new parents.

 Min Li

Thank you for arranging Auntie Cecilia to come and assist me with my confinement. She’s not only great with my baby, she also cooks super yummy food for me during my confinement🥰

Website: https://tsmnanny.com/
Contact: +65 6337 1793
Location: Industrial Aljunied Complex, 623 Aljunied Road, #02-01A, Singapore 389835
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 8AM-5PM


One of the major benefits of hiring a nanny is having an extra pair of hands to help nurture your child in the comfort of your own home. At the same time, you can also have someone to help around the house, making sure you have more free time to spend with your family and take care of yourself.

If you’re looking for the best nanny in Tampines, you should consider hiring one from the five agencies listed in this article.

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