6 Best Preschools in Bras Basah for Your Child’s Good Growth

Best International Preschools Bras Basah

Attending preschool is vital for children. In preschool, children learn to strengthen their emotional and social development. They learn how to compromise, be patient and respectful, and solve problems. In essence, preschool gives children an environment where they can explore, play with peers, acquire a sense of self, and develop self-confidence. For this reason, it is essential to let your child attend not just any preschool but a good one.

Good and reliable preschools help parents unlock their children’s fullest potential. They help shape brilliant and responsible citizens of the future. If you have a child who is about to enter preschool soon, this article is especially for you! Below, we have listed 6 of the most trusted, effective, and comprehensive international preschools in Singapore, particularly near Bras Basah, for your child’s extensive preschool education.

 Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Viv’s Schoolhouse

Image Credit: Viv’s Schoolhouse

Excellence is the best word to describe Viv’s Schoolhouse. This reputable preschool located in Bras Basah is one of the most effective and diverse international preschools in Singapore, trusted by thousands of parents. It specialises in educating children from all walks of life whose ages range between 18 months to 6 years old. It is particularly known for providing high-quality preschool education to children in the most inclusive and understanding manner.

Viv’s Schoolhouse takes pride in creating a safe and conducive space for its students to embrace and celebrate diversity by understanding different cultures. Even its curriculum is diverse, covering various areas, such as bilingual immersion, experiential learning, and speech and drama. This preschool is perfect for those who want their children to develop and expand their creative thinking.

Customer Reviews

 See Hui Tee

 This is a wonderful preschool with great Teachers and programs in a very safe and fun environment. Especially Vivian, Teacher Pat and Zhou laoshi, who shows lots of patience, compassion and always extend an extra mile to my boy’s special needs due to eczema. They are always so kind and attentive to my kids. In addition, all other teachers are equally kind, helpful and always ready to help around. Am very happy and thankful to have my kids to grow up with Viv’s schoolhouse! Thank you! 🙂

 Dr. Cherissa Chong

 A one of a kind place for childcare, the combination of amazing well qualified teachers and creative curriculum makes this place second to none. I highly recommend Viv schoolhouse to everyone!

 Website: https://www.vivschoolhouse.com/
Contact Number: +65 6909 1311
Address: Hotel Royal @ Queens, 12 Queen St, #04-01, Singapore 188553
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 7AM-7PM | Sat 7AM-2PM | Closed on Sun

2. Pat’s Schoolhouse

Image Credit: Pat’s Schoolhouse

Pat’s Schoolhouse considers itself to be more than just a preschool. It is a positive and comprehensive place that prepares children to become challengers of the future. Established more than 30 years ago, this preschool has already changed the lives of thousands of young minds from 2 months to 6 years old. Its main objective is to encourage and empower children to pursue their dreams, regardless of how big or small they are.

For those parents who want their children to develop confidence in themselves and the courage to continuously learn new things, Pat’s Schoolhouse is a great place to be. This preschool has a curriculum that centers on nurturing children to develop a passion for learning. It facilitates the collaboration of parents and the community in order to support children’s holistic growth.

Customer Review

 Daphne Zhou

 The school environment is very nice for preschool child and the school food is better than most preschools.

 Website: https://patschoolhouse.com/
Contact Number: +65 6781 2288
Address: Income @Prinsep, 30 Prinsep St, #05-01, Singapore 188647
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM | Sat 9AM-12PM | Closed on Sun

3. Life Childcare Centre

Image Credit: Life Childcare Centre

Respect, patience, and orderliness are the core values promoted by Life Childcare Centre. In keeping up with these, this preschool has a vision and mission that are geared towards instilling its core values into children, specifically during their formative preschool years. It aims to stimulate curiosity, creativity, and passion for learning among young children through its effective early childhood programme.

The curriculum of Life Childcare Centre has two parts. The first part covers areas such as literacy, numeracy, aesthetic and creative expression, social and emotional development, motor skills development, and world discovery. On the other hand, the second part has five key pillars that focus on helping children become confident, secure, safe, healthy, engaged and enquiring, encouraging both the families and the community to be involved in the process.

Customer Reviews

 Chelest Lim

 I am immensely grateful to the teachers for taking good care of my gal for the past 1.5 years. My gal being a very picky eater, has always got me on my nerves during meal times. I am grateful that her teachers have been very patient and coaxing her to eat. They have also been constantly updating me on her progress and behavior in school. Thank you once again Sarah and team!

 G Lee

 Our son loves his PG teachers!! He progressed a lot over the last year and its lovely to watch him grow under his teachers loving care. Thank you life childcare 🙂

Website: https://lifechildcare.edu.sg/
Contact Number: +65 6789 8228
Address: 138 Prinsep St, Singapore 188659
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 7AM-7PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

4. Trehaus School

Image Credit: Trehaus School

When it comes to children’s wholesome development, Trehaus School is one of the best international preschools in Singapore that parents can truly trust. This preschool is proud to raise changemakers of the future through its quality preschool education. Considered a Silicon Valley-inspired preschool and childcare centre that is changing early education, Trehaus School is concentrated on building character and future skills and on enabling parents to be present for their children’s learning journey.

As Trehaus School itself states, it is a preschool created for parents by parents. Hence, if you want to contribute to your child’s academic growth, this preschool is one of your best options. Its classes are conducted in small groups with a 1:5 teacher ratio so that every child’s needs will be effectively addressed by the teachers. This also helps the children develop a deep love for learning.

Customer Reviews

Lola Jiang

 Well, how can you tell if it’s a good preschool for the kid? My baby started Trehaus from 7 months old until 3 years old. Everyday picking her up from school took pretty long time, cause she doesn’t wanna go. Trehaus is better than her own home!

 Misa Fab

 I love the school inside out so as my daughter. The school environment is spacious, clean and transparent. Especially like the open classroom concept, my daughter doesn’t feel like being trapped in a small room. Parents can peek at their kids from outside. We also like the project base learning here. The school always busy with different projects every month. It has so much happening to keep my daughter busy and have different experience all the time. Teachers are Friendly and update the parents closely how’s the kid perform in school. The school is out of my expectation.

Website: https://www.trehausschool.com/
Contact Number: +65 9843 8077
Address: Funan Mall, 109 North Bridge Road, #07-21, Singapore 179097
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 7AM-7PM | Sat & Sun 9AM-6PM

5. MindChamps

Image Credit: MindChamps

MindChamps is a preschool that truly embodies brilliance. Since its foundation about two decades ago, this preschool has managed to become an international powerhouse in early childhood education, enrichment, and childcare. Considered a top supplier of early childhood education in Singapore, MindChamps is relied on by numerous parents who want the best preschool education for their children.

One of the main objectives of MindChamps has always been to enhance the lives of young children. In line with this, it has an early childhood curriculum that integrates ground-breaking discoveries from international specialists for the purpose of encouraging and empowering children to reach their full potential. Using the 3-Mind Approach in teaching, the teachers at MindChamps provide children with the skills and knowledge that they need to succeed in their future endeavours. This allows the children to be academically and socially inquisitive and flexible.

Customer Reviews

 Rachel Lim

 My kids have been with Mindchamps Punggol Northshore since 2017 until current and we have witnessed the ups and downs this center has been through. The current principal Ms Veron is very responsive and she manages the center very well. Hygiene standard is top notch and curriculum is one of the best in SG as it prepares the child very well for Primary school. Special thanks to Ms Qees and Guo laoshi from the N2 class, both of them are very dedicated and passionate in early childhood education. They are patient and never fail to keep parents updated on the progress of the champs. I am constantly impressed by the things my child learn in school and the vast knowledge the teachers impart to them on a daily basis. Most importantly, both my kids love going to school and would request for us to pick them up late so that they can spend more time in school with their teachers and friends, I think this speaks a lot about the school and how enjoyable it is for them. Keep up the good work MCPN Team.

 Chia Agnes

 My son has been with Mindchamps Punggol Northshore since PG,it has been a fruitful learning journey these 4 years. School supported us by equipping him with lifeskills in self management during the early years. With the rich learning from the core and enrichment programme,he truly enjoy himself in the full day programme. He is well taken care of by the team of caring staff and dedicated teachers. Special thanks to all staff and teachers in Mindchamps Punggol Northshore.

Website: https://www.mindchamps.org/
Contact Number: +65 6955 9852
Address: 100 Orchard Road, #01-03C, Concorde Hotel & Shopping Mall, Singapore 238840
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 7AM-7PM | Sat 7AM-1PM | Closed on Sun

6. EtonHouse

Image Credit: EtonHouse

EtonHouse makes an effort to embrace, honour, and respect your child’s identity. Every kid has potential, and at EtonHouse, the instructors are committed to nurturing that potential and bringing forth the best in each student. The goal of this preschool’s comprehensive educational route is to create highly engaged, analytical, and problem-solving learners. According to EtonHouse, kids should be responsible for their education. Learning comes naturally and impulsively when youngsters are content and interested.

To provide your child with responsive and meaningful learning, the teachers at EtonHouse are a community of lifelong learners devoted to collaborating with peers, kids, and families. In addition to adopting inquiry and discovery as the modalities of learning, they recognise the significance of watching each child within a sociocultural environment. They spend time and effort developing deeply reflective pedagogical documentation, which they use to make teaching and learning visible.

Website: https://www.etonhouse.edu.sg/
Contact Number: +65 6221 1050
Address: 11 Unity St, #02-20, Singapore 237995
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 7AM-7PM | Closed on Sat & Sun


 A child’s holistic growth starts in preschool. Therefore, it is necessary for parents to send their children only to a preschool that they can truly trust. If you want your precious little one to grow into a smart and responsible adult, you should definitely send them to a reputable, friendly, and effective preschool like the ones mentioned in this article. These international preschools in Singapore will surely assist your child in reaching their fullest potential and guide them towards becoming the best person they are meant to be!

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