In a tropical country like Singapore, air-conditioners are essential in our daily lives. However, with the frequent use of air-conditioners, regular checks and maintenance are require to make sure that the fan coil units are in the best condition. Regular aircon servicing is beneficial to your health and well-being. We share with you where to get your air-conditioners fixed, with five aircon servicing in Tampines.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Cool Earth Aircon Services

Source: Cool Earth Aircon Services

Cool Earth aircon services is supported by professionals who possess profound knowledge and experience in servicing air conditioners, for both residential and commercial clients based in Singapore. The country’s best engineers are the professional backbone behind Cool Earth’s success.

Cool Earth’s servicing process include enquires/quotation requests, schedule bookings and post-servicing. Their post-servicing process present you with 90-day warranty of all their services.

Contact Number: +65 9427 3833
Address: Block 108, Simei Street 1, #03-740, Singapore 520108
Operating Hours: Daily 9AM-10PM

2. AS Aircon Servicing

Source: AS Aircon Servicing

AS Aircon initially started out as a group of friends performing professional air-conditioner servicing for themselves as well as for families and friends. Following a number of professional trainings and skills development sessions, participated as a team, AS Aircon opened their doors to the world. With their expertise and skills, they share their expertise and skills with people who require high quality and effective aircon servicing.

Contact Number: +65 8291 3266
Address: Block 515, Bedok North Ave 2, #01-207, Singapore 460515
Operating Hours: Daily 9AM-10PM

3. Lightning Air-Conditioning Services

Source:  Lightning Air-Conditioning Services

Founded in 2003 and based in Singapore, Lightning Air-Conditioning Services is an established company that specialized in delivering top-notch air conditioning services. Their founder, Mr. Alvin Yip, has over eighteen years of profound experiences within the industry and was awarded Singapore 2010 successful entrepreneur.

Lightning Air-Conditioning services include general services, chemical services, maintenance and contract.

Contact: +65 6241 8331
Location: 9002 Tampines Street 93, #02-44, Singapore 528836

4. Lemoncool Aircon

Source: Lemoncool Aircon

Lemoncool Aircon is an accomplished company specialising in air-conditioning services. Abiding by their company mission, Lemoncool Aircon’s primary focus is to present celestial coolness and peace to your homes. They also comply with their mission in supplying clients with high quality and efficient services. With their well-trained and helpful technicians who are always aspiring to provide the best service, Lemoncool Aircon is your go-to company for aircon services.

Contact Number: +65 8222 2024
Address: Industrial Park E, 3013 Bedok, #03-2118, Singapore 489979
Operating Hours: Mon-Sat 9AM-6PM

5. Teck Chang Aircon Services

Source: Teck Chang Aircon Services

With over twenty years of profound knowledge on air-conditioner servicing, Teck Chang Aircon Services specialize in all categories of air-conditioner installation, repair and maintenance. Some of such services include normal air-conditioner service, chemical overhaul, condenser normal service and chemical service.

At Teck Chang Aircon Services, the best professionals are there to aid in servicing your air-conditioner.

Contact Number: +65 6260 2168
Address: 9010 Tampines Street 93, #02-91, Singapore 528844
Operating Hours: Mon-Sat 9AM-6PM | Sun & PH 10AM-6PM