4 Best Pet Grooming Shops To Pamper Your Pets in Yishun

Best Pet Grooming Shops Yishun Singapore

Having cooped themselves up at home, our cats and dogs yearn to be unleashed and explore the neighbourhood. While not all of our four-legged best friends tend to get themselves into various dirty scenarios, bringing them to the groomers once in a while is one of the best ways to keep them clean and healthy.

From the combing of matted fur to the trimming of hair to make sure they look their best, groomers can give your pets the best treatment and advise you on how to keep your pets clean and healthy in the months ahead. With so many pet salons in the country, it can be challenging to choose a shop to entrust your pet’s health and adorable looks, so we’ve taken the initiative to list out four pet grooming shops in Yishun should you live nearby.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. My Pet Image

Image Credit: My Pet Image

My Pet Image was founded in October 2015 by Mr Law Soon Huat and Ms Serene Yeo Ling and has been one of the best pet salons ever since. Residing in the heart of Yishun Central, the shop caters for retailing and delivering pet and pet supplies on the island. The shop focuses on catering for the needs of common pets like dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs.

While the cuteness of for sale animals can be hard to fight, this salon does not encourage the sale of animals. Instead, they favour encouraging animal lovers to adopt and give animals a new home to live in. If you’re looking to groom your pet’s hair or do their nails, this grooming salon is the perfect place to go.

Customer Reviews

Alloysius Lee

My furkids have gone for grooming twice at My Pet Image. They have a relatively big team, so grooming doesn’t take long, and the staff are all friendly. My furkids don’t treat going for grooming as such I think they were handled with tender loving care.

Angie Tay

By far the best experience I ever had. My fur kid FiFi is full of energy and fidgets a lot, but the groomer was very patient. I was surprised by how clean and neat my dog is. Kudos to the groomer.
Contact: +65 6758 8675
Location: 925 Yishun Central 1, #01-223/225, Singapore 760925
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11AM-5PM | Sat&Sun 10AM-5PM

2. Little Pets Kingdom

Image Credit: Little Pets Kingdom

Little Pets Kingdom has been in the industry since 2011 and started with a simple 200 sq. ft pet shop with few pet accessories and services. The shop wanted to establish a “One Stop Lifestyle” concept pet shop. The shop has flourished into a pets haven throughout the years and now offers a wide array of services and products, which fur parents love.

When entering the shop, guests will be warmly greeted by the unique puppy and animal display. Pets are allowed to roam freely and allowed to maintain their active lifestyle. Little Pets Kingdom also offers a wide range of services and products for dogs, cats, birds and other small animals, including a catalogue of various treats, accessories, clothes and grooming necessities.

Customer Reviews

Penny Chong

Brought my 🐶 for an entire grooming session – great experience! The groomer was extremely meticulous with regards to her haircut (she is extremely fluffy) and skilled. Grooming prices are very reasonable and great service from all staff there. Will be back!

Germaine Lim
Recently I sent my poodle to this pet shop for grooming. Price is affordable and cheap. After googling, I found this shop. I decided to give it a try as I had just moved to Yishun. The result is surprisingly very good. My little one came out and had a lovely teddy bear cut. Highly recommended.
Contact: +65 6481 5520
Location: 928 Yishun Central 1, #01-139/141/145, Singapore 760928
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11AM-6PM | Sat&Sun 10AM-6PM

3. Battlestar Boarding

Image Credit: Battlestar Boarding

Battlestar Boarding aims to provide fur parents and guests with a premium sci-fi experience during their stay in the place along with the ethos that your furry companion must be showered with love and care. With this mentality in mind, they only use the best products and facilitate the finest services for every furry friend that they care for.

Battlestar Boarding doesn’t just offer grooming services for your pets. They also provide a range of services, including the boarding of pets and daycare services in the scenario when you’re busy at work or if you are on vacation. You can have peace of mind knowing that your pets are left in competent and loving hands!

Customer Reviews

Sage Fu

My Border Collie always comes back extremely happy and well-groomed by Wilson. I am very particular about his paws being clean because I keep him indoors all the time. Really appreciate all the love and dedication showered on him and the efforts to go the extra mile with the Flexi timings. Would highly recommend their services 🙂 thank you, Wilson!

Ruth Chua

Even though it was a simple service, they still gave my dog all the attention and care to make him feel safe. Can’t imagine what it’d be like if it were an actual spa! 😂 Thank you for the incredible service given! Would definitely recommend it!

Contact: +65 8891 3518
Location: 56 Sembawang Rd, #01-05 Hong Hend Mansion, Singapore 779086
Opening Hours: 11AM-7PM Daily

4. Fur & Away

Image Credit: Fur & Away

Fur & Away aims to achieve superior standards in grooming, so the school offers a comprehensive, hands-on program that teaches creative skills and the underlying theory of pet styling. The staff believe that students who want to learn should be well-trained and display a clear understanding of the basics of their craft.

The shop offers a Professional Pet Stylist Course that includes knowledge on the personality that dogs with different breeds possess, coat textures, skin disorders, animal wellbeing and safety measures. The Fur & Away shop is a founder member of the International Groomers Association. They believe in fostering strong relationships with other grooming schools and associations in different countries, including China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Europe.

Customer Reviews

Jerrica C
Wonderful and experienced groomers!! My dogs have been going to Fur n Away for grooming for over 10 years. They are absolute professionals and treat my dogs very well. They always let me know if there’s some developing skin issues or my dogs licking their paws too much etc, so I can watch out for them. My dogs love the groomers there too.
Sharon Sun
I have been going to Tammy’s salon for more than 11 years. She groomed my border collie and Bichon. Very detailed cleaning and always careful with my fur kids. Lots of good advice from her on maintaining the look/health of my kids. I trust them and will not hesitate to recommend them to any other paw parents!
Website: https://furnaway.com/
Contact: +65 6853 7549
Location: 445 Sembawang Rd, Singapore 758403
Opening Hours: Wed-Sun 9AM-6PM | Closed on Tue


Pets deserve some pampering too, and while not all pets might be comfortable at the groomers, removing their thick undercoats and getting their hair and claws trimmed can help them greatly in their day to day lives. Check-in with a groomer if your pet hasn’t had a grooming appointment before, and leave some of their favourite treats for the groomers to feed your pet with so they get the best possible experience. Make sure to check out the four pet groomers in Yishun if you’re around the neighbourhood!