Facial treatments have always been known to help with all sorts of skin types no matter the problem they’re dealing with. From providing personalised skin packages for sensitive skin to treating day-to-day skin troubles like dark circles and wrinkles – these treatments come packed with tons of benefits.

Still wondering where to start searching for a suitable treatment? Not to worry, we have a few suggestions on hand – and the east siders are especially going to love them)!

Below, we have compiled five places which offer a relaxing facial in Bedok to help you rejuvenate your skin in no time.

Note: This list is strictly not in order

1. Adonis

Source: Adonis

Auras oil, non-GMO ingredients and non-invasive technologies – all these are part and parcel of Adonis treatments; facial therapy, butt therapy, ovary therapy, belly therapy, breast therapy, body ache therapy and slim and sleek treatment. While they are well-versed in all these treatments, their facial treatment makes sure to penetrate through a total of five layers of the skin cells (horny layer to regenerative layer) so your skin receives the necessary nutrients inside out.

However, don’t mistake Adonis as a beauty salon which only welcomes women! Despite their other women-focused treatments, their Auras Facial welcomes both genders gladly. They understand that customers are looking to improve certain skin conditions or amplifying general health – such as enhancing dry and lack-lustre complexion and boosting blood circulation. Look towards their services for a personalised facial, and nourish your skin at this very instant with Adonis!

Website: https://www.adonis-beauty.com
Contact Number: +65 6444 3033
Address: Blk 213, Bedok North Street 1, #01-111, Singapore 46021
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 10AM-8.30PM | Sat 10AM-8PM | Sun 10AM-6PM

2. Aesthetics

Source: Aesthetics

Just like a good menu spread, are you looking for a wide variety of facial treatments to choose from? Aesthetics is the go-to face and body spa for you! They have all kinds of services like body spa and slimming but more importantly – facials! Since 1996, they have been coming up with different facials to treat customers’ skin needs in a breeze.

They even offer all kinds of rates for their packages – a refreshing facial at $45 to a platinum matri face treatment at $350 so customers can find a suitable treatment within their budget! Aside from these two facials, they provide cell detoxifying treatment, DPL express, Immun Collagen Silk and multiple hyaluronic so there’s a suitable treatment for the right purpose. Try out a facial treatment at Aesthetics if you’re not sure where to go – their expert therapists will guide you towards the perfect facial!

Website: http://aesthetics.sg
Contact Number: +65 6243 1719 | +65 6449 3942
Address: Blk 742. Bedok Reservoir Road. #01-3109, Singapore 470742
Operating Hours: Tue-Fri 10.30AM-8PM | Sat 10AM-7PM | Sun 10.30AM-6PM | Closed on Mon

3. Chrysalis Spa

Source: Chrysalis Spa

Unlike other beauty salons or places offering facials – Chrysalis Spa is all about traditionalism and ancient techniques. Their Gua Sha for face and eye bo jin makes use of palpation and cutaneous stimulation – where the skin is carefully and slowly pressed using jade instruments to encourage blood flow. It is basically a technique used in the past where ‘Gua’ stands for rub or scrape and ‘Sha’ refers to the blood in the subcutaneous tissues.

All in all, it’s purpose is to rejuvenate the skin and boost the immune system, detoxify and de-acidify the skin. Seeing how detailed they go about their facial treatment – you can be assured to have a clear and glowing face before long! Other than their astounding Gua Sha facial, their hydrating facial, lifting facial and whitening facial treatment are just as excellent in improving your skin condition.

Website: http://chrysalis.com.sg
Contact Number: +65 6587 3310 | +65 9826 4839 (Whatsapp)
Address: 311 New Upper Changi Road, Singapore 467360
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 11AM-9PM | Sat & Sun 10AM-7PM

4. Lavender Beauty

Source: Lavender Beauty

As their name suggests for themselves, Lavender Beauty is all about making sure you look and feel beautiful! You’ll be able to find the standard facial packages for dealing with common skin troubles like clogged pores and dull skin. But that’s not the end of their services – they understand how customers are looking to refine every individual part of their faces as well. Other beauty-related services which they also provide include eyebrow shaping, waxing and eye treatment.

Aside from their wide-ranging services, Lavender Beauty’s excellent location also offers maximum convenience for those living around the area! Even their flexible timing to accommodate customers’ schedules is excellent to boot – open all-week long and they have their closing time near to midnight on Fridays. Be sure to stop by if you’re looking for a facial in Bedok – it’s guaranteed 100% satisfaction indeed.

Website: https://lavenderbeauty.business.site
Contact Number: +65 9138 2439
Address: Blk 409, Bedok North Ave 2, Singapore 460409
Operating Hours: Mon 12PM-7PM | Tue 10AM-10PM | Wed 10AM-7.30PM | Thurs 9AM-9PM | Fri 9AM-11PM | Sat 8AM-10PM | Sun 9AM-7PM

5. Caring Skin

Source: Caring Skin

From 2013 onwards, Caring Skin facial spa has been combining plant-based ingredients with state-of-the-art technology to help solve all sorts of skin trouble for both men and women. Over the years, they’ve even managed to snatch up awards such as the World Luxury Spa Awards Winner in 2017 and Women’s Weekly Spa Awards just this year.

Specialising in sensitive treatment, acne treatment, scar recovery treatment, hydration treatment to brightening treatment – there is a solution for every customer out there at Caring Skin. Each and every one of their facial treatments also come with a clear step-by-step procedure and ingredients to make sure the desired skin is achieved by the end of the session. With Caring Skin, you are able to find a suitable facial treatment for any kind of skin type – be it dehydrated skin, dull skin or delicate skin.

Website: http://caringskin.com.sg
Contact Number: +65 6241 1711
Address: 799 New Upper Changi Rd, #03-25/26, Singapore 467351
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 11AM-9PM | Sat-Sun 10AM-8PM